Saturday, December 15, 2012

Punches, Punchies.....and Boy does my hand hurt!

Was just a tad bit busy tonight :)  You can find these items in my Etsy shop and I would be happy to do custom orders too!  And My hand is hurting, but it is a "good" hurt!  Of course, I had to include a picture of my sweetie at the very end. Good Night all!


  1. Is Sweetie for sale in your Etsy shop? LOL. I bet your hand does hurt, all those punches!
    Love you, Mom

  2. I love love LOVE the leaves, Rachel!

    Kind Regards,
    Julia (a friend of mums)
    New Zealand

  3. Thank You Julia. Sweetie is not for sale, but he is always "for rent" to you! Love you mom.

  4. Sweet Holden and the tags are very nice and inspiring. Following your blog.