Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've Been a Busy Bee!

I have been very busy this last week, still playing with my Cuttlebug.  On top of that, I have received about 25 orders for cards!!!!!  So I have been busy making cards and making stuff to list in Etsy.  This morning I was pleasantly surprised to wake up and see that someone had order 4 things from me off Etsy!  I'm just new to selling on Etsy, and this was my first sale, I was a little excited!  If you know someone who likes to scrapbook, but not quite into making items, send them to my Etsy shop or to my blog.  Have a great weekend all!


  1. WOW!! Are we having fun yet??? I bet we are, lol. Good for you on all the sales. That is awesome. So glad you opened a little store on Etsy. ♥U

  2. Nice work! I think you could do well with some card sets on your Etsy. Like a birthday pack, thank you pack or holiday pack. I used to do this and give them as gifts- always a hit! You can never have enough birthday cards, IMO!

  3. Thanks Laura........ I have had so many orders from work!!!! I have been making cards like crazy!! And the best part, it has taken my mind off of a lot of things, which I needed. Hope you are doing well, I think about you often :)